Jasmina S. Veljković

DOI: 10.46793/STEC20.29V

UDK: 37.015.3:005.32

Abstract: In order for a person to motivate others, he must first find an adequate way to motivate himself. If we want to make the work with other people more successful, it is very important to know what motivates people in the environment. Motivation involves the process of initiating and directing human behavior, it is an internal force that drives us to achieve our goals and meet our needs. Greater curiosity and interest contribute to achieving greater success in all fields, and in particular the success of students in school. In contrast, lack of motivation impedes anything to be done in a better way. Poor motivation leads to failure, to the extent that one performs activities without ambition and with great difficulty. Studying the literature aims to determine what role motivation plays in the educational context, which is at the same time the basic goal. It also wants to point out the importance of motivation in teaching. The paper used the historical method as the basic method of historical research and analysis of the contents of pedagogical documentation. One of the basic tasks of teachers is to familiarize students with the nature of motivation and to teach them the procedures that develop motivation for students to learn. This is the key to the success of both the teacher and the students themselves.

Keywords: Motivation, Teaching, Teachers, School, Students.


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